Subjective evaluation

The subjective evaluation is a part of the "SEMAFOR home" methodology filled in by the clients independently at their own discretion. If their motoric impairment does not allow to elaborate the answers by his/her own the form can be filled in by the assistant, relative or parent in case of small children.

Identification of client's needs and preferences is essential in the process of barriers´ evaluation
as it is also a guarantee of his /her satisfaction with the outcome of the whole barriers removal process.

The aim of the subjective questionnaire is to evaluate the client's satisfaction with the activities of daily living in the household and to identify the most problematic areas. The form contains 29 questions divided by individual parts of the household, analogous to the objective questionnaire.

In the questionnaire, the question "How satisfied are you with the following activities?" should be truthfully answered.

Satisfaction is expressed by a numerical rating of 1, 2, 3 or 4 based on satisfaction. If any of the activities are not performed by the client because he/she is not interested and/or in need, the question should be marked with a cross (X). On the contrary activities that the client does not perform because the environment prevents to do them are marked by four (4).


1 = very satisfied
2 = rather satisfied
3 = rather dissatisfied
4 = very dissatisfied
X = I do not perform this activity because I am not interested and/or do not have a need to perform it
Any other relevant information, including any potential preferred solution, can be stated in the comments box.