Descriptive part

The descriptive part represents a simple introductory form and gives the client´s key identification data important from the point of view of evaluation (age, sex, health condition, extent and duration of their motor limitation, or use of compensation aids), including their contact data and description of the environment (way of living, housing character and type) in which the clients live.

The introductory form is simple with multiple choice answers offering quick selection of relevant item. Only several lines are to be written in words, as e.g. diagnosis.

If the evaluator did not receive the information prior to the actual home visit (due to lack of previous experience with the client or no access to documentation), s/he should be able to get them from the client during the home visit. The evaluator´s name is to be found on the form.

Prior starting the assessment the evaluator must print the form Informed consent of a client with the processing of personal data and present it to the client for reading and signature.

PDF version of the form Informed consent of the Client.